Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sauteed Mushrooms with Certified Hereford Beef Steak

In our family we love our mushrooms.  We especially love eating them along side a Certified Hereford Beef steak right off our place.  Last night was cold here in Texas.  We are not very cold hearty in Northeast Texas.  Any time the temperature gets close to freezing with wind chill factors in the 20's, we pretty much stay indoors. That is except for grilling. 

With his Carhart overalls and coat on Scott braved the weather and cooked the girls and I a few steaks last night as we stayed in and watched movies on my new Roku device. Don't have a Roku?  It's pretty much my newest favorite television device that gets me Hulu, Google, Youtube and just about anything else you want to watch.  It may have taken us getting someone else to hook it up to our t.v., but it was officially worth it and are loving it this winter as we stay in more. I plan on catching up on every season of my favorite shows I missed during our busy fall. 

The recipe  for my mom's Virginia's Sauteed Mushrooms is easy and you could add most any seasonings to fit your taste.  We like to add a little garlic salt, black pepper and margarine or butter.  I've even cooked these in a foil packet on the grill off to the side and not directly over the fire for an even less messy alternative.  No pan, just foil and you're done!  We've discovered this recipe that comes from my mom is my nephews new favorite, so she cooked it at Christmas just for him.

Click here for the recipe for Virginia's Sauteed Mushrooms.

CHB Steak with mushrooms is our very favorite meal. 

Stay warm, enjoy your winter, and tomorrow it's back to school for us!  It's been fun as they say, but now back to reality and a job I love with our sweet students. 

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