Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Strawberry Angel Food Cake

One of my favorite memories from my Granny's house was her love of strawberries.  As a small girl she always had a vegetable garden of some kind each summer and would always grow a few strawberries.  Each morning for our breakfast she would let my brother and I go pick some strawberries to put in our cereal.  I remember thinking that doing this was pretty special and looking back, it really was.

They say you are either a sweets or main dish cook and for my grandmother that was true.  She didn't really make many things that were sweet, although being a diabetic, she loved her sweets a little more than anyone.  She once told me to not ever just eat the cake icing straight out of a container...I told her she must do that, because the thought had never crossed my mind!  She was a sneaky diabetic buying doughnuts for the grandkids, along with pound cakes that were just for us.....

This weekend, we celebrated both Independence Day and my mother's 70th birthday with this sweet Strawberry Angel Food Cake.  We used a sugar free whipped cream that hopefully carved off a few carbs for my mom sugar wise.

Click here for the recipe and card for Strawberry Angel Food Cake

To make this dessert, cut your store bought Angel Food cake in half and place strawberries and whipped cream and then repeat on your top layer to make this pretty cake.  It's simply that easy and the results look really pretty.  Kids young and old enjoy this cake and any extra will keep nicely in the refrigerator wrapped tightly in plastic wrap to keep the air out.

So, when you are looking for a fast and fun cake to make on the run or something easy to create for your family, this little cake is simple and impressive to make and very economical.

Below are some scenes from the fireworks show we watched on my mom's birthday in our little town.  They were awesome and sponsored by my brother and cousin's law firm for us all to enjoy. My mom especially enjoyed it and that made all our night. In the past month, she has been recovering from a severe stroke to her left side. I've never seen her work as hard to recover and it was a welcome treat to have her with us and enjoying the holiday with her grandkids. I've never been prouder of her deligence and spirit through this difficult time and the positive attitude that she will regain all of her left side function. Strokes can be devastating and for my mom, this is not an option.

Happy July everyone and hope your Independence Day was a fun and relaxing one.

View from Lake O' The Pines at dusk

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