Sunday, July 12, 2015

Brenda's Bread and Butter & Hot Garlic Jalapeno Pickles

Brenda's Bread and Butter Pickles in the front and Hot Garlic and Jalapeno Pickles in back!

Summer means gardening for so many of us. In Texas this year with the torrential and welcomed rainfall, gardening has been a little difficult.  Many of us, including our ranch, had so much rain that we haven't had the usual harvest we are used too.

However, friend Brenda Oakley garden is flourishing and she shared these fantastic recipes with me today for her pickles she made this weekend! 

In the South we love our Bread and Butter Pickles and in the Southwest everything is better with jalapeno's and garlic in them!  Both these recipes are keepers for sure and so easy to prepare.

Nothing's better than eating what you grew and canned  And who doesn't love getting gifts straight from your own hands from the work you put in to your garden? 

Hope you'll try these Brenda's Bread and Butter Pickles and her Hot Garlic and Jalapeno Pickles. They are wonderful!

Thanks so much Brenda for sharing! 

Alise @ The Ranch Kitchen