Monday, January 2, 2017

Finding Joy With My Favorite Recipes

People say to cook a lot.  And yes, that is very, very true.  After reflecting a lot over my Christmas break, I came to this conclusion about several things both big and small.  Cooking is ultimately for me one way I show joy.  It's a little thing to me that helps me wind down after a big day or clear my mind and just spend time with just little old ME.

As I reflect on the new year ahead, I will immerse myself in what brings myself, my family and those I love and work with find joy whether it be in my cooking, my actions through my help, or just in how I treat them.

As a mother, educator, daughter and sister, it's rare that I ever have time just for me.  Although I would not want it any other way, it's those that half hour or more each evening without the Internet or television where I get to stop, reflect and just concentrate on the task at hand.  Cooking has become that outlet for me over the years and a way that I get to see the instant gratification of my efforts. It's that mom always fixes this when I come home, or my husband enjoys this meal, or my youngest loves to help me make this, that drives this part of my cooking most.

Just last year, my husband placed a television in my kitchen thinking I might enjoy it.  However to date I've probably turned it on maybe five time total, because to me the distraction of it takes time away from my me time.  I'd rather immerse myself in these moments and find time to let my creativity transform a recipe or two, make my family happy and bring a smile to my heart.

So as I reflect today and look toward the year ahead on just what brings me the most joy in life outside of what ranks at the top of that list being that of a wife, mom and daughter and sister... it's these dishes below that rank at the top of my list.

So here is hoping you find joy in the new year.  Find what makes you happy and make your day, your week, your month and year ahead your best ever.  I plan to work on just that one goal each day from this point on.

Alise - The Ranch Kitchen