Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Day Recipe Suggestions!

Memorial Day will soon be here and our thoughts range from respecting those who fought for our freedom and for those who still do.  We love this holiday in our family and the time to enjoy a long weekend either at the lake or just at home for a long break. 

School is almost out in Texas and the rains continue to come. Today was in the 60's and my garden and flours on our porch have never been greener or with more blooms. Our tomatoes are suffering some due to lack of sunshine and friends won't get their gift sacks if it doesn't come out soon.  Not that I am complaining about the great rain....but we are all reaching our saturation point and rivers and streams are starting to run over!

This weekend whether you stay at home or on a mini vacation with family and friends at the lake, beach, or camping in the woods all these recipes can be easily adapted to fit in a foil pan or foil packets or chilled in your coolers or refrigerator.  All these recipes are family favorite because most of all they aren't 'fussy' to make and left overs are even better!

From my good friends the Berans of Kansas these can be cooked on or off the Kabob skewers!

Oh my how good these are...and easy to make!  Cook enough steak the night before to
use for these fajitas the next night or use brisket!
My daughter Ilissa's most requested pasta everytime she comes home!
My version of King Ranch Chicken Enchiladas.....just wish my picture was better....I'll work on that!  :o)
A special meal that we enjoy for occassions when we are all home!
Low calorie with only a few extra ingredients makes this recipe a hit with
zucchini and crook or staight neck squash.
Just made these for our big weekend and for my teachers at work today!  Proud of our students and teachers for their state testing results!  YOU ALL ROCK!  Love you all!  Thanks to my
daughter Bethany these are always a hit! And for daughter Audrey
I do half the pan without coconut.  You can add nuts, but we don't care for them.
Hope you'll give these recipes a try and check out more of them from myself, family and friends on my The Ranch Kitchen site.  Enjoy your weekend and remember why we celebrate it by thanking a veteran or member of our armed services!

Alise @ The Ranch Kitchen