Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fiesta Stuffed Bell Peppers

One of the dishes my husband enjoys the most are stuffed bell peppers.  Over the years I probably haven't cooked it near enough.

So tonight with a little inspiration from some bulk bell peppers I had bought, I created these Fiesta Stuffed Bell Peppers.

Around our house if we eat anything, it's going to be spicy and full of flavor.  We love anything with our Certified Hereford Beef especially.  It's nice to know we can depend on the beef we raise off our ranch and the tradition and quality behind this historic breed of cattle.

Click here for the recipe for Fiesta Stuffed Bell Peppers 

This recipe was easily thrown together with two pounds ground CHB - beef, some onion and my new favorite fast Knorr Fiesta Spanish Rice, some Rotel Mexican Tomatoes with Lime and Cilantro, along with some cheese and Howe spice.  Howe spice is a Cajun variety that is just wonderful on just about anything.

It was a more involved recipe for tonight's meal, but totally worth it.

So if you are wanting a meal to impress, then this is it.  Fiesta Stuffed Bell Peppers are simple to put together and even my teenager loved it.  And that my friends is saying a whole lot!

Alise - The Ranch Kitchen 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Ranch Kitchen's Sure Champ's Southwestern Taco Bowl

During December my daughter Bethany and I tried a few new recipes and added our own flair to them.  She had recently come across a recipe and it reminded her of her days in Aggieland when she loved these from their favorite taco restaurant.  

We recreated this recipe giving it our own additions dubbing it Sure Champ's Southwestern Taco Bowl for my Sure champ post for January of 2016.  We added our own special changes on two separate evenings to this fun dish. 

This rice, bean, corn with onion all in one pot meal was made in large batches so that we wouldn't have to cook the next night.  Around Christmas with our school and family events, it was nice to have a hearty meal that was easy to make and quick to reheat in the microwave.  

The second time we made this recipe we substituted the black beans for pinto beans and exchanged the whole kernel corn for creamed corn since that is all our pantry had.  It was just as good, but Bethany preferred the pop of the whole kernel corn and the black beans.  

We added sliced black olives the second time and really loved that addition. My husband and I love extra spicy dishes, so we even added Tabasco Sauce to the top of our taco bowls. We also added sour cream and fresh cut cilantro to Sure Champ's Southwestern Taco Bowl for extra flavor as a garnish or topping.


I told Bethany that this would be a fun dish to serve with a variety of toppings for a party or feeding a large crowd.  Condiments like your fresh shredded cheese, sour cream, cilantro, diced black olives, and even jalapenos would be great additions to the top of this delicious dish.  

This dish would be an excellent recipe to make for my friends on the show road this winter and especially for those of you who will be in Denver or Fort Worth in January.  I am even imaginging it for tailgating at Texas A&M next fall.  I can just see it all now in my large roaster hauling it in to the barns instead of my tradition Chicken Spaghetti for a Crowd.  All my toppings would be set off to the side with southwestern decorative dishes, a big basket of my favorite Pappacita's chips from home and some of my Nolana's Family Hot Sauce. 

Click here for the recipe for Sure Champ's Southwestern Taco Bowl

We hope you'll give this recipe a try and let us know how you made your own additions to it as well.  Remember you can share your own recipes on my site under the Share a Recipe tab. The Ranch Kitchen is also on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, so follow us there as well! 

It was fun cooking and planning out meals with my daughter this past holiday while she was in from college.  She has a good eye for recipes and is creatively detailed when this momma sometimes needs an extra push to get dinner on the table.  

She starts a new internship this week.  We pray and wish the very best for her as she completes her masters this spring.  I'm one proud momma in more ways than one.  I have three good reasons and sweet husband that helps makes life a good one. I hope each of my daughters find their way in this big old world in a profession they love and a man like mine who loves both me and most of the time my cooking adventures!

Alise  and Bethany - The Ranch Kitchen