Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Ranch Kitchen's Mojito Lime Fajitas with Spanish Rice Especial and Refied Beans

This week's been a whirl wind of state testing in Texas and continued rain storms with a tornado thrown in.  We've been blessed with tons of rain the last few months, but we are now officially saturated and trees from the winds these storms and tornadoes produce are making havoc on our power lines and century old oaks and hardwoods.

The Ranch Kitchen's Mojito Lime Fajitas

The other night before the power went out yet again from another spring storm, I quickly prepared these simple Mojito Lime Fajitas, my Spanish Rice and Refried Beans.  With our Certified Hereford Beef we raise off our ranch and the special skills of our meat packers the Barnes who cut my skirt steak into bites sized slices, my beef cooked in not time.  And the McCormick Mojito Lime seasoning isn't just a marinade!  These fajitas were the best I've ever had..and we eat Mexican food a lot in our little corner of Texas!

The rice and bean recipes are simply doctored up versions that we think make them taste even better.  I'm always about adding a pinch of this and that to spice up my cooking!


Hope you'll give these recipes a try. Also, please check out the the wonderful new Certified Hereford Beef site for more wonderful, healthy recipes! one said cooking had to be hard!

Alise @ The Ranch Kitchen