Monday, January 12, 2015

Fort Worth Hamburger Stew

On a cold night who doesn't love a good stew?  I remember growing up my mom used to make what she called 'Everything But The Kitchen Sink' soup where she'd use what she had and add hamburger to make it a warm meal.  It was always a favorite of ours and I've made my own version of it over the years. 

Soon it'll be time for the Fort Worth Stock Show and National Hereford Show in Cowtown and feeding the hungry family and crew is always a challenge.  Early mornings and late nights are the norm on these weeks. Everyone is excited to be there, but worn out by the days end. 

My husband commented last night after eating what he dubbed my 'Fort Worth Stew' that it would be the perfect thing to have ready as the cattle eat before we tie them out to stall.  I think he's right and plan on making this 'stew' or as some might call it a soup, to freeze and reheat one night while we are there. 

Stews and soups are always better the next day and this recipe should freeze and travel well.

Click here for the recipe for Fort Worth Hamburger Stew

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