Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Low Calorie Fruit Salad with Peachy Orange Sauce

Fresh fruit trays have become a tradition at our family gatherings and not because I make them.  My sister-in-law Leslie is a wonderful cook in her own right, especially with her yam pies and homemade macaroni and cheese, but always brings along a fruit tray to each family gathering.  It's her attempt at making us all eat one thing healthy during the holidays. The kids love her fruit trays and so do the adults! 

This past weekend after my daughter's 13th birthday party and our chocolate fondue appetizer with fresh fruit, I had a super - large amount of left overs.  So for dessert last night I combined a Yoplait Peach Yogurt with 1/2 cup of orange juice to an assortment of fruit I still had on hand. 

My newest teenager loved it and asked me just where I got the recipe.  Happily I told her it was from one of her favorite teachers Mrs. Moon who taught her science in the 5th grade.  That made her smile really big.  Julie always put her to work each afternoon helping out in her room when I had to work late up at school.  Audrey enjoyed those days and especially being her teachers' helper.  We miss Julie at our school now and know she is loving retirement after many years in education!

Audrey and Mrs. Julie Moon on the last day of 5th grade.

For this recipe I used fresh strawberries, pineapple, bananas, red apples, blueberries, and then the Yoplait Peach Yogurt (individual 6 ounce - cup size) and 1/2 cup orange juice (pulp free).  You could really use any fruit or yogurt for this recipe and even canned, drained fruit would be a good addition.

Click here for the recipe for Low Calorie Fruit Salad with Peachy Orange Sauce.

This Low Calorie Fruit Salad with Peachy Orange Sauce would be a healthy addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas table this fall and winter for sure!  Audrey loved it!  This dish was always a hit at potlucks at our school when Julie made it. 

Thanks for the recipe Julie!  Enjoy retirement! 

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