Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chicken Fried Marinated Deer Steak

No one..and I mean no one could cook deer steak like my mother-in-law Billie Nolan.  If I could chose a meal that she could make for me, her deer steak would be my top choice.  Looking back I know it was a combination of her blackened cast iron skillet and many, many years of cooking for the men in her family.  Her deer steak and 'greasy' potatoes are two of theshes that remain ingrained in my memory and that of my husbands. 

Now in her older years, she doesn't cook as much as she once did, but I'm sure could cook this dish by memory if she had too. 

Tonight my husband had already thawed out the deer steak for our dinner and I enjoyed catching up with him while cooking. 

Venison or deer steak is a really lean meat that is full of flavor and tender to eat.  I chose to marinate ours in vinegar like my mother always did.  We believe it takes out some of the 'gamey' taste and helps tenderize it even more before you fry it.

Our deer steak with my husbands favorite lima beans, mashed potatoes and gravy and 'Sure Is The Best Broccoli Casserole'. Dinner is served!

Click her for the recipe for Chicken Fried Marinated Deer Steak.

Should you ever get the chance to have deer steak in your home, give this recipe a try.  The men around our house love it (my husband, brothers and nephew) and my daughters do as wel

Alise - The Ranch Kitchen


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