Monday, March 3, 2014

Ham Steak and Brown Sugared Pineapple

One of my very favorite dishes to make as a young wife twenty five years back was ham steak and brown sugared pineapple because #1. I love brown sugar, #2. I love pineapple by itself, to drink, in a cake, or on ham, and #3. because and most importantly I can get this meal on the table in under thirty minutes flat! 

If you've read my blog you realize I love to cook, but most importantly my life does not revolve around cooking.  Cooking, yes is an outlet for me, but most importantly it's key that whatever I prepare has both ease and convenience. attached to it.  Because ultimately as much as I love to cook, I love spending quality time with my family even more.

To make this dish an easy clean up, make sure you foil line your casserole dish before you place your ham and brown sugared pineapple on it and then in to the oven to cook. 

For sides, I like to serve baked sweet potatoes with this main dish.  Along with a salad and rolls, dinner is a done deal in no time.

Ham and Brown Sugared Pineapple

Ham steaks (these are large thick slices of ham found in your deli or meat section of your grocery store)

16 ounce can of sliced round of pineapple, drained with juice reserved

1 cup of brown sugar, light or dark (I prefer light)

Place ham on top of foil that has been lightly sprayed with cooking oil or Pam cooking spray.  Lay pineapple rounds on top of your ham.  Sprinkle with brown sugar and place in your oven uncovered.  Cook at 375 degrees until your ham begins to curl up on the ends and is slightly browned.  Use left over pineapple juice from the can  for my favorite dinner cocktail below and enjoy! 

Alise's 'Everything's Better on the Beach' Cocktail

1/4 cup of Bacardi Rum
1 cup pineapple juice
1/4 cup strawberry ddaiquiri Mix (liquid), non alcoholic

Place Bacardi Rum in the bottom of your glass.  Add pineapple juice, stir.  Top with strawberry daiquiri mix.  You can either allow the strawberry daiquiri mixture to ooze down into the glass or stir it in to the Bacardi and pineapple mixture. 

***I like to make this times ten and in large pitchers for parties! 



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