Monday, February 23, 2015

Brisket Fajitas and Snow Day

Off to school and back home by 11 a.m.  Snow days are fun days in the south when life comes to a fast stop when the temperature goes below 32 degrees.  We just aren't equipped to handle the ice that always comes with below freezing temperatures.  Earlier today my good friend Danna posted on Facebook a map of the US with a white colored Texas and the words CLOSED across it...that pretty much sums up snow days here! 

As an educator we realize all too well what comes with possible snow days.  First there are the excited kids, more excited parents and even more the school employees!  We all love a good day off to sit by the fire or in our chair and rest a little. 

Today our school made the decision to start the school day and attempt to make the day as the inclement weather had not hit our little community yet.  Our school district feeds so many students each day, that it's never an easy decision to not have school even with bad weather.  We realize all too well that a hot breakfast and lunch after a long weekend may be the best meal some students have had in a while.  So today before we left, our hard working cafeteria staff hammered out a 'brunch' after breakfast and by 10:15 we had two grades fed and on their way home by bus or car.  The other schools in our district are to be equally commended for doing the same thing for all their students by bagging up lunches and making sure all tummies were fed and full before the sometimes long ride on the school bus or until we see those sweet kids again the next day. 

Tomorrow is a late start for us at 10 a.m. in the hopes that the weather will hold.  If not, we'll be out again only to make up our days at most likely either our Easter break Good Friday or at the end of the year in June.  Although I so enjoyed spending my day with our Audrey today cooking sweets, catching up on some work and visiting while also watching a fun movie, I realize why school is so important in more ways than one. 


Click here for the recipe for The Ranch Kitchen's Brisket Fajitas

Thankfully tonight's dinner wasn't too much of an effort as I took the brisket from Saturday night's dinner and made it into fajitas.  Fajitas are usually made from beef skirt steak that is sauteed with onions, green bell peppers and wrapped into a flour tortilla with cheese, sour cream and Pico de Galo. 

In less than thirty minutes dinner was done and Audrey proclaimed that it was her #2 favorite meal behind what she calls my 'famous soft tacos' .  I can't share that recipe on this site as it uses a packaged seasoning!  However, so I could share with you my recipe tonight, I came up with a fajita seasoning within this recipe that you could use instead of the packaged varieties.  But, don't discount a good Lawry's or off brand seasoning.  I've used them on a regular basis simply because you just can't beat them....but if you want to, my fajita seasoning is pretty tasty too.

For my friends across the US, especially up north and for those here in Texas, I hope you enjoyed your day off and late start in the morning!  Spring is coming, but winter sure is getting in the way.  Stay warm, stay safe, and I hope and pray you get the rain you so desperately need.  I know we are all looking forward to longer periods of warm weather.  Darn that groundhog....

Remember - no one said cooking had to be hard!  Alise - The Ranch Kitchen

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