Saturday, February 7, 2015

Granny's Rutabagas


If there was one dish my Granny was famous for with my husband it was her Rutabagas.  I guess it's the Irish/Scott in him because he does love his root vegetables and especially eating them raw. 

My Granny loved my husband Scott and instantly as soon as I brought him to her house for our first family gathering installed him as family.  Scott in turn loved my Granny and we all miss her very much. 

Her cooking inspires me to this very day and I'll never be able to fully replicate her cornbread, because it was never probably made the same way twice.  After cooking for a family of seven she had mastered cooking from her eyes and not a measuring cup or spoon.  Granny was a self taught cook who loved a good cook book like I do and her cooking shows back when Julia Child's and Paul Prudhomme was about all that could be had.  But oh how everyone learned from them and still do!

A few weeks ago, I decided to surprise Scott with his favorite vegetable that I don't make near enough.  After calling my mom to make sure I was making Rutabagas they way they did, I got to work. 

This easy dish was on the stove in under ten minutes flat boiling in water with simply butter, salt and pepper.  I served it along side my daughter Ilissa's favorite pasta called My Big Girls Favorite Goulash without the added Velvetta cheese this time, and we had a pretty starch loaded meal. Sometimes you just need those starches and I thought the Rutabagas actually complimented the goulash pretty well. 

Scott was delighted and even my daughter loved them.

Rutabagas would also be good mashed as well with a little extra butter. We enjoyed them just as they were cooked, drained with a little added salt and pepper.

Click here for Granny's Rutabagas

Hope you'll give them a try. Rutabagas are slightly sweet and totally delicious.  Don't let their hard outer core or the name turn you away. They are easily pealed and cubed when you don't buy them too large.  I bought Rutabagas that were about the size of a girl's softball.

Hope you'll try them! 

Alise @ The Ranch Kitchen

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