Sunday, March 8, 2015

Friends of The Ranch Kitchen Recipes

Recipes are timeless.  Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting down with a good cookbook and reading through recipes of years gone by.  I especially love reading the stories behind the recipes getting a sense of the creators life and motivations.  Sometimes we are left material things when a loved one passes.  My most cherished treasures however are the recipes that we can cook.  These recipes always bring back a flood of memories of meals past and times spent together laughing and talking around the table. 

One of my newest features at The Ranch Kitchen is my Share A Recipe link where anyone can share that family treasured recipe with our readers.  It's gradually started to pick up speed and readership and it's one part of my site that I am most excited about. I want everyone to be able to catalog their recipes that mean so much to them and have the ability to share with their family and friends here on The Ranch Kitchen as well.  Plus it's like Christmas when I open up my site and see someone has taken the time to share with me their recipe!  I love, love trying every recipe I get sent and having something new to serve my family! 

My dear friends Paula Acheson and Michelle Beran of Kansas were truly the first to share on The Ranch Kitchen site.  Fantastic cooks in their own right, they cook for the masses and their family ranch families, communities and have been a major supporter of myself  and The Ranch Kitchen.  With both of these ladies I've had the priveledge of serving on the The National Hereford Women and they'll forever be a part of my life.  We've spend many hours talking beside our beloved Hereford cattle and children. I look forward to the summer ahead with them and our  NHW board at our Jr. National Hereford Expo in Grand Island Nebraska cooking, visiting and supporting our Hereford youth! 

As I sit here this rainy Sunday a.m. contemplating my week off for spring break, it's their recipes I wanted to share with you.  All of these are and can be prepared using Cerified Hereford Beef and you can access more great recipes by clicking on their great site I've linked too. 

If you'll share their recipes or link to these I've shared today on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter please try using hashtags like #CertifiedHerefordBeef or #theranchkitchen #beef  after your comments as this will link others to Certified Hereford Beef and The Ranch Kitchen in order to get out our sites out there please.  Hashtags are well known in the younger crowds and all of us 'older folks' are just learning how to utlize them!  As a Hereford breeder and agvocate it's important that we get the message out about our lean beef and ranching heritage. 


We hope you'll try these recipes soon, leave us a comment about them and consider sharing a recipe on The Ranch Kitchen site.  We promise it's simple and once checked over for clarity, I'll submit it and you my friend are published on the web!

Check out all recipes submitted by followers of The Ranch Kitchen at Friends of TRK link on my site.  Click on the 'more' spot beside each category to take you to each sections total recipe selection.

This recipe is in honor of Paula's mom Retha who fixed this for her growing family.


Michelle's husband Craig cooks these in large batches without the skeweres.  You can see I used them here, but I like his idea better!

This chili is just how my husband likes it with Certified Hereford Beef and plenty of beans!

Have a fantastic week ahead.  We are looking forward to blue skies, no more snow, sleet or rain and showing cattle at the Houston Livestock Show!  Bring on spring and warmer weather, and summer get here quick!

Share your recipe today!

Alise - The Ranch Kitchen

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