Saturday, August 9, 2014

Refrigerator Okra and Cucumbers with Yellow Squash

Making refrigerator pickles with cucumbers have always been a big part of my summer cooking.  We love to take out a jar of these each night with dinner and add to whatever we've got for supper.

This past week I got in the mood again and decided to make a few new batches of refrigerator cucumbers and a new recipe for okra which I had never done before.  The key in these is to use Ball Crisp Granules that you can find in your local grocery or Walmart beside canning supplies. These will now be a essential part of any refrigerator pickles I make.  As a result these 'pickles' were far better than any I've ever done.  My cucumbers, okra and squash stayed fresh and crisp and the difference was seen by my family. 

Last night at dinner these both were a huge success and especially with my oldest daughter who had come in for the weekend. 


With summer heat closing in on our little part of East Texas our squash is starting to suffer!  So, I'll be making more of these and canning some in hot water baths so that we can enjoy these all fall and winter long. 

Please click on the recipe named links below the pictures to access the recipes!

Alise - The Ranch Kitchen


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