Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chicken Rodeo

Chicken Rodeo was inspired by my daughter's love for Chicken Marsala after eating her roommates version of it the past year.  One of my middle daughters main request while she was home from college was to learn how to make more easy recipes that she could cook to have for several nights while busy at college. 

I decided to improvise a recipe I found and recreate mine own version calling it Chicken Rodeo after my favorite wine from Los Pinos Winery named Rodeo Red.  I thought it impressive that a young cook took on this recipe and since she liked it so well, I needed to learn how to make it.  Thanks Lauren for the inspiration and cooking for my girl at college!


The recipe is a little more involved than my usual ones, but well worth the effort.  The Los Pinos Rodeo Red wine gives the sauce a slightly sweet taste. And the mushrooms and bacon cooked in this recipe we thought threw it over the top.  I left the bacon in strips cut in half, but you may chose to cut them in small bite sized chunks. 

This dish was really good served over my Hot Fettuccine Buttered Noodles that are so simple to make and were a staple at our house when my girls were younger.

Hope you'll try it.  Click on the links above to try the recipes! 

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