Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chicken and Eggplant Dressing

My first batch of eggplant from our garden have been wonderful!  Each year we plant eggplant and I usually fuss that there is never enough.  So this year we planted what probably is to many, but I know my friends and family will also benefit IF I decide to share! 

Tonight I decided to create a new dish from the leftover Rotisserie chicken in my refrigerator, our Ichiban eggplant, green bell and Anaheim peppers, and onions all from our garden. 

As I chopped and began to cook, I started to think of a topping and decided that my new box of Ritz Crackers that have Roasted Vegetables in them would make an excellent crust on top.  Thankfully it turned out to be a good decision and I'll be using these in place of bread crumbs from now on. 

You'll find this recipe on the link below underneath the first picture.  As my new site is up, I will now post links to direct my readers to my site where all my recipes are stored. 

You will notice on my blog now that when you click on the recipe link it automatically takes you to my new .com site!  How nifty is that?!!  I have to again thank Nia Hill, Tonya Perez and AgTown programmers for their genius work on my new blog design and new The Ranch Kitchen site!  Thank you, thank you!

I hope you'll try my new Chicken and Eggplant Dressing.  It takes a little more preparation than most of my recipes, but the end results was my husband, 'Ranchman Approved'! 


We also finally picked our first tomato from our garden! 
We are so happy summer is finally here after the long winter in the south!


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The Ranch Kitchen's Chicken and Eggplant Dressing

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