Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pizza on the grill. A Ranch Kitchen fast dinner.

Pizza on the grill has become a new Nolan family tradition.  Back in the fall our middle daughter Bethany decided to host another one of her 'hangouts' with friends at our house.  Scott had recently finished construction of our new outdoor kitchen off our back porch.  To say we love it, is an understatement.  We use it most nights in the spring, summer, and early fall.  It's yet another place for our family to reconnect and actually sit down as a family and eat dinner.  This summer it has served as a place to clean all our vegetables from our garden and ripen a tomatoe or two.  On that late fall night, Bethany and friends made pizza, ate her brownies and just enjoyed being teenagers!  It was fun and heartwarming to watch the kids use our new outdoor kitchen, realize that they were safe in our home, and enjoying each others company.  Later this, our older daughter Ilissa and her high school buddies  came out from their respective colleges around Easter grilled pizzas on the porch as well.  Below I posted some pictures of our
new outdoor kitchen and our girls gatherings!

Pizza has become a fun, fast, entertaining dinner to make in a pinch or just because we want it.  Anyway you chose to fix it is the right way, with whatever toppings you have on hand.  One note is to make sure whatever you put on top is precooked.  Any meats should be done so that they are simply heated up as you do not want to put raw meat on your pizza. The Turkey Pepperoni that you can find in your deli section at the grocery store is really one of our favorite meat toppings to use.  I also like to simply slice up deli honey ham or turkey to use as a meat topping as well.  We use a good grade spaghetti sauce that I keep in my outdoor refridgerator, and our favorite cheeses are mozzarella and Mexican blends.  From our garden or the produce section of the grocery store we use sweet onions, fresh tomatoes, banana and bell peppers as extra toppings depending on everyone likes/dislikes. Italian seasoning/spices are great and I like to grind these on top of our pizzas to give it a fresh taste.  Another great options is that you can also do the mini pizzas and allow everyone to make their own home styled pizza.

When it comes to you grill, be careful not to have your fire to high and allow your grill to heat up some before placing your pizza on it.  We have found that a pizza stone is the best thing to use as it heats your pizza and keeps your crust from burning.  You can grill your pizza directly on the stone or place on foil on top of the stone.  I like the foil on the stone idea best as it makes it easier to take your pizza off the grill.  I've not dropped one yet...but the fear of it makes me use the foil. 

My dad always brings me in this fantastic flat bread when he visits us and this bread is my favorite to use for our homemade pizza.  Its about 13 inches long and 9 inches wide and is enough for five of us to each have two heaping pieces of pizza.  In the deli section of our grocery store they have good selections of pizza bread that is already cooked or flat breads as well now.  You can use dough, but I suggest you use the pizza stone, as otherwise your dough will burn.  Remember to continue to peal up the crust off the foil or stone to check for either your fire being too high or your crust getting to crispy...I usually server the outside pieces to my dear husband as he likes his almost burnt!  Men!

I hope you will try pizza on the grill can always make it indoors...but the grill just makes it more fun and a great opportunity to just relax with your family.  Last night we attended a rodeo in  the town next door that had awared Bethany a nice scholarship.  It's always my favorite rodeo that I enjoy going too.  After arriving late home, my husband, our Bethany and her best friend Ashley thought that pizza sounded good.  So with very little effort, pizza was complete and on our plates in under fifteen minutes. 

So...this summer grill you or your family members or friends some pizza.  With a salad, fresh cantaloupe, and maybe even a dessert pizza on the grill...dinner is served.

Get cooking!

Outdoor kitchen..and our dog Aggie!

Our outdoor kitchen...grilling!

Outdoor kitchen porch view.

Outdoor kitchen view from back yard.

Ilissa and friends in from college.

Bethany and her Gladewater Rodeo Scholarship!



Kay Heritage said...

My family love pizzas on the grill. My husband built a rustic earthen oven for bread & pizza baking, which is fantastic, too. Your outdoor kitchen is to die for! Great to connect with you and looking forward to many more wonderful posts.

The Ranch Kitchen said...

Thanks Kay! I have been looking at one of those ovens also and think I would love to make that an addition to my outdoor kitchen! I'll have to have my husband read this post again. Would to know the brand you purchased.


Holly said...

I have never dared to grill pizza! But I think Ill try now! Great post, and your outdoor kitchen is AMAZING!! : )

The Ranch Kitchen said...

Holly, you will love it promise!

glamourpuss said...

Fabulous job on the outdoor kitchen!! I have always wanted one, but no space. Pizza on the grill sounds like a winner! :D