Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun Food - Tortilla Rollups My Way

I love fun food.....when I say fun..I mean food you don't normally eat that is easy, fun, fattening, and you just make it because it's meant for special times with family or friends!  One of my 'fun foods' that I go to time and time again are my tortilla roll ups - my way!  I've seen tons of recipes for this appetizer that are good...but I think mine of course is the best and just how my family likes it.  

If my older daughters friends want an appetizer this is it.  You can use burrito/fajita sized tortillas or the new jalapeno flavored ones.  Either way, whatever you use...it's just plain fantastic!  We just won't think about how many calories it is...will we?

Tortilla Rollups My Way!

2 pkgs. of burrito/fajita sized flour tortilla - largest ones you can find
1  -16 ounce container of sour cream, no light...makes it taste funny
1 block of cream cheese, no light...you get the picture - softened
1 large can of green chili's, not drained
2 - 3 tbsp. Tony Chacheres Cajun Seasoning...use regular - hot is just to darn hot!
1 tsp. of garlic salt - optional
1 chopped finely -  red or sweet 1015 Texas A&M onion!

In your stand mixer or a large bowl mix together sour cream and cream cheese.  Add to this mixture seasonings and mix well.  Add onion and blend well.  Place 2 - 3 tablespoons of your mixture on top of each tortilla.  Spread evenly on each tortilla.  Roll tightly the tortilla that is now spread with sour cream/cream cheese/seasoning mixture.  Place on an oblong tray, cover and refrigerate.  You may also place in gallon sized plastic zip bags to refrigerate.  These are best if they can marinate in the tortilla for 4 - 6 hours...but good if not.  Cut each tortilla in to 1 inch sized portions - you should get around 8 to 10 slices from each tortilla.  Serve with my hot sauce Nolana's Family Hot Sauce (listed on my blog previously) or your store bought picante sauce.  Its a hit....I sometimes just leave them uncut and will eat them for a quick lunch!

Enjoy - promise they are good! 

Get cooking!


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