Thursday, January 4, 2018

Whole30 Italian Beef Stew

Did you know it's national soup month?  No other month like January makes you yearn for soups and stews like this one does.  Cold weather has drastically hit the US in unprecedented ways.  Our north has temperatures in the negatives and fellow ranchers are having to literally use axes to cut through the ice to get water to their livestock.  God love and keep both them and their livestock safe.

So, as we try to warm up, stews or soup are natural meals to serve because it makes huge batches, can easily be warmed up, taste better always the next day and is Whole30 compliant!

At our ranch we love our beef and we love, love zucchini.  Each summer we grow a huge garden and lots and lots of zucchini that I used in tons of my recipes here on The Ranch Kitchen.

As we created and ate delicious meals the entire month of our Whole30 journey, this soup was another hit on our ranch. My husband and father really enjoyed it and it was absolutely fabulous to take for lunch on the few cold days we had in December.  The addition of the Italian Seasoning makes this stew smell and taste amazing too.

You'll want to use a large stock or soup pot for this recipe.  It is also easy to double this recipe if you want to even freeze some of it for a week or day later on the Whole30 when you need something to eat when life gets in the way.  This recipe however makes one large pot of stew.

To start, chop one onion, bell pepper and garlic and set aside.  I used red bell peppers that gave this stew a natural sweetness.

Brown your ground beef with the onion, bell peppers and garlic and remove any excess liquid.  Add in Whole30 compliant canned tomatoes (so sugar added) and your vegetables, seasonings and Yukon Gold Potatoes and water.  Again, we have become huge Natural Grocers fans and you can find tons of Whole30 compliant foods and condiments at their store.

Bring stew to a boil and reduce to a low simmer (low boil).  You'll cook this until the potatoes and zucchini are tender.  I promise you that the aroma is wonderful and you will find it hard not to sneak a bite or two as you make this wonderful Whole30 Italian Beef Stew!

Cooks note:  You can also use ground turkey or pork in this recipe if beef is not your choice.


We hope you enjoy this recipe along with all the others we are posting to The Ranch Kitchen site.  By now for those of you that started on the Whole30 on New Year's Day you are 3 to 4 days in.  You are probably wondering just why did I do this?  I'm having to cook a ton and my grocery bill is a little high.  But, consider these facts...  You are eating healthier, learning how to cook foods that you can and will eat the rest of your life, and most of all will feel better.

I can remember after Week 1 of the Whole30 the dramatic difference in my gut health and energy.  I had fewer breakouts from adult acne and my joints were not bothering me near as much. For me those few things were enough to keep me motivated. Plus, my daughter and motivator Bethany made the Whole30 program fun and we challenged each other daily to stay strict and not drink that glass of wine my husband would taunt me with lovingly at nights!

You CAN do this. You are already a few days in or gearing up to change your life for the better! Whole30 will help you feel better, look better and make healthier choices as to what you place in your body. As a food blogger, it's given me a boot kick in the rear to blog more and post more recipes, but most of all be a healthier influence on my daughters.

As for my husband Scott...he's another case.  However, he did lose five pounds just following Whole30 at night.  I'd like to think had he really dug down and been strict, he would have done even better.  Men...but when they really try, they can trim down faster than we ever can!

Happy Week 1 of your Whole30 adventure!  Stay strong, plan and prep your meals and make them fun.  You'll be truer to the program if you make it fun and remember that there are things in life much harder than this. You don't have to eat that tortilla chip, cookie or bread.  You are already on your way.  Don't get sidetracked.

As always, all recipes can be shared by email, pinned to your Pinterest board and copied off to use as an ingredient and recipe list to help you out. To keep seeing my blog post, please like my post on my The Ranch Kitchen Facebook and Instagram this keeps you up to date as we place new tips on the our site.

Try this hearty Whole30 Italian Beef Stew!  You will love it and so will you family.

Alise and Bethany

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