Monday, July 28, 2014

Grandma's Potatoes

Greasy potatoes were a staple at my husband's parents house growing up and they were wonderful!  Nothing quite compares to the flavor you get from pan frying potatoes in a cast iron skillet with lots and lots of grease. My mother-in-law Billie Nolan had this potatoe dish down to an art that I'll never be able to duplicate. If my husband had a favorite meal from growing up in Indian Rock it would be this and her deer steak. Years of cooking for four men had helped her refine her cooking skills! 

Last night as I cooked birthday dinner for our 22 year old Bethany these were the potatoes she wanted. I tried to replicate this dish as I could without the artery clogging qualities and it still turned out well. I used a wok in place of a cast iron skillet and my potatoes turn out a bit crispier. 

Simple seasonings like garlic salt and pepper are my choices to use.  I also fry a small white cooking onion and chopped green pepper with the potatoes from our garden. 

I do not drain these potatoes on a paper towel as Scott's mom did as my version cooks most of the oil out of them. I like to use my Teflon coated wok as it has a larger cooking surface to cook my potatoes faster. You can even add cheese to the top at the end, but we preferred it without. 

One note of advice for young cooks and even older ones when cooking these potatoes or anything else.....wear an apron when you cook!  I cannot tell you the large number of both my professional clothes and t-shirts I have gotten oil stains on from popping grease. I know my Granny is smiling from above as she always harped on this advice.  So...wear an apron and you'll thank me later! Below you'll see a cute one with my The Ranch Kitchen logo that my sweet husband surprised me with for my girls and I 'times four' to wear in the kitchen!  My daughters were impressed that it was his own original idea! He of course made sure it was printed on a Nolan green apron!


Simple and easy, these potatoes never fail and are always a favorite at our house!  Recipes don't have to be full of ingredients or steps to be the best!  

Click here at for the recipe for Grandma's Potatoes

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