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Homemade Biscuit Doughnuts

 Homemade Biscuit Doughnuts

One of the very first breakfast I made for my family growing up were these homemade doughnuts from the cheapest of biscuits from the grocery store. With two younger brothers always eager to eat up anything I made, these were certainly always a huge hit. I remember taking a homemaking class at my junior high and learning how to make these along with about 30 other giddy girls.

At our house, our weekend breakfast now consist of large breakfast on Saturday or one bought from the local Daylight Doughnut shop.  I love our local shop and their smiling faces each time we go.  The little oriental ladies always give Audrey a free bag of doughnut holes to her delight!  My youngest daughter thinks her dad should buy doughnuts and kolaches (Kielbasa sausages wrapped in baked dough) for breakfast at least once each weekend! However, for this mornings breakfast I told her she needed to try my homemade biscuit doughnuts. 

I don't think I've actually made these doughnuts since camping a few years ago when all our girls were home, so she didn't really remember them.  I hate to think it's that third child syndrome kicking know where mom and dad are getting old and tired and we did more with the younger two?

Audrey and I really enjoyed making these doughnuts and were a little 'sugared' up afterwards and her maroon t-shirt she wore to bed is now sprinkled heavily with powdered sugar!  Fun memories for sure, as Audrey helped cut out the dough, plop them gently into the hot oil and then roll them in the powdered sugar.  As always I cooked way too many and she tried to weasel out at the end from helping, but we finished the batch and we'll have doughnuts for the next few days for breakfast now!
As I mentioned, I used the store bought variety of the cheaper brand of biscuits that usually come in a four pack bound together.  These are not like the flaky more expensive store biscuit brand.  You really want this cheaper biscuit variety as it fries and stays together better.  Its OK to buy cheap biscuits...promise!  We try to always have a lot of these biscuits on hand as we also fry them without the holes cut out of them (not dipped in powdered sugar) along with fried fish; dipping the biscuits in squirt butter and honey! Its a crowd favorite!

I used our new Presto fryer to make these homemade doughnuts that my husband and I bought ourselves for Christmas this year.  They run for around $65.00, have two basket for ease in frying, and are one our favorite appliances now for frying fish when it's just our family.  Our bigger Cajun fryers work well for crowds in excess of 20, but this little gem is wonderful for our family and especially for this homemade doughnuts we made this morning. 

I heated the oil to the highest heat level at 375 degrees.  You start by opening and dividing out your biscuits.  We pulled them apart slightly (making each biscuit a little more round and flat) and once they were separated then used the top of 1 liter soft drink bottle to cut out the circular holes in each biscuit.  Once you place the bottle top down over each biscuit, gently push down and twist the top to cut through the dough. After all biscuits are cut into doughnut shapes you can begin to cook them in batches once your oil is bubbling. 
Place biscuits in hot oil and allow them to brown to a golden brown color on each side.  Gently turn over with a fork or tongs being careful not to hit hot oil on yourself. I had a bit of difficulty with the turning the doughnut holes and simply pushed them toward the side of the cooker pushing in one side (taking the puff out) to make them turn or flip better.
Take out biscuits/doughnuts once both sides are browned and drain on paper towels.  Immediately place in a large bowl with 2 cups of powdered sugar.  Spoon powdered sugar over each biscuit and you have doughnuts! We ditched the spoon and started using our hands!  Eat and enjoy! 
***Store in container and eat leftovers in days to come.  These usually keep well for up to two days.
Homemade Biscuit Doughnuts
1 - 2 cans biscuit dough, separated and cut into doughnut shapes
4 cups Canola Oil or any frying oil
2 cups powdered sugar
Separate doughnuts, enlarge slightly pulling dough apart into wider circles and cut holes into each using a bottle top.  Heat oil to 375 degrees and cook biscuits (now doughnuts) in batches, turning to brown on both sides.  Remove from oil and drain on paper towels.  Cover with powdered sugar in a large bowl and enjoy! 
Alise and Audrey @ The Ranch Kitchen!

Love, love my little Presto Fryer!

Audrey helping out! 

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