Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sausage, Onion and Pepper Spaghetti

As a young cook I tried to experiment when I could.  As I have said before, I could not have lived without my mom's home written cookbook those first years, but I also think you have to step out on a limb from time to time.  Thank goodness my husband has always been daring with my creations and always honest.  

I think spaghetti sauce is under utilized in many kitchens.  You don't have to just use it for standard meat (beef) spaghetti.  I use several different varieties in my Chicken Spaghetti for a Crowd, and routinely serve it with the quick and easy dish I'm sharing with you today.  

My Sausage, Onion and Pepper Spaghetti is one of those dishes where you look in your refrigerator and realize the  bell peppers need to be cooked, the onions in your bin would be a nice addition, and that turkey or beef link Kielbasa sausage would be really tasty along with it!  Then with a can of 4 Cheese Spaghetti Sauce that most companies such as Hunt's or our local Brookshires grocery store brand Food Club carry, dinner is served in literally under thirty minutes.  Served with a green salad and some garlic toast, you have a dinner even the pickiest eaters like my youngest daughter love.  

If your a young cook or an experienced one, you can be creative with this recipe adding fresh zucchini, yellow squash, or even fresh cherry tomatoes to spice up this dish.  Also, if you prefer white or brown rice over noodles, this is fantastic over that as well.  

I hope you'll try it soon.  It's husband and kid approved around our ranch!  

Sausage, Onion and Pepper Spaghetti

1 package of Kielbasa Sausage, pork or turkey, cut in to 1/2 inch wide rounds
1 onion, quartered and sliced 
1 green bell pepper, cleaned of membrane and sliced
1 red bell pepper, cleaned of membrane and sliced
3 cups spaghetti or egg noodles, prepared according to package directions

Cook sausage in 1/2 cup of water over medium heat.  Water will cook out and sausage will brown evenly after about ten minutes.  ***Make sure you stir and turn sausage frequently until the rounds are browned on both sides.  Take out your sausage and drain on paper towels to reduce excess oil.  Saute onion, green bell peppers in the pan you cooked the sausage in along with one to two teaspoons of Canola, vegetable, or Grapeseed oil.  Cook vegetables until they are slightly limp, but still crisp.  Add back into the pan the cooked/drained sausage.  Add one can of spaghetti sauce on top of sausage/vegetable mixture.  Cook on low until mixture is bubbling.  Turn off and serve over prepared spaghetti  or egg noodles.  


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