Monday, April 11, 2011

The Ranch Kitchen's Roasted Onions

This past weekend we - (Scott - my husband) barbecued and smoked brisket and ribs.  I was so impressed as he even added a little rosemanry to the rub and it was to die for!  Along side this I added a roasted onion recipe that we have had in my family for years.    Roasted onions are a quick easy side dish that is a great next to any meats you chose to serve them with and especially tasty with barbecue or steak.  You can use any kind of onions, white, yellow, red, sweet 1015's as it really doesn't matter.  All you need are your onions, butter, garlic salt, Worcestershire Sauce, and foil.  I prefer the non stick foil to cook with now, but any kind will work as long as you use the better grade that is thicker in construction.  I think this recipe came from my Great Aunt Gladis Corley, my grandfather Herbert Young's favorite 'only' sister.  We've cooked this for so long I just can't remember, but want to give attribution to her!

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The Ranch Kitchen's Roasted Onions

2 - 4 onions, quartered
4 tbsp(s) Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp(s) butter or margarine (oleo), cubed
1 tsp. of garlic salt

Heat your oven to 350 degrees or your grill to low or medium fire.  Be careful where the onion mixture is placed on your grill as they will cook quickly.  Quarter onions and place in a large piece of foil.  Sprinkle on to onions your Worcestershire Sauce, cubed butter, and garlic salt in this order.  Bring up the sides of the foil and make into a packet that will not spill out in your oven or grill.  You may want to double the foil for safeties sake.  You may chose to place the onion packets on a metal sheet pan to reduce the chance of spillage.  Roast in oven for around 20 - 30 minutes.  Watch out for the steam when you open the foil!

I serve this along steaks and BBQ, but it is equally great along fish or a vegetarian meal of produce from my garden!  When we RV (camp) this is always included on the grill!

Get cooking!


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