Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day to my two favorite dads!

This morning thinking of Father's Day, I got a little sentimental. Seeing all the early morning post about each person's husband, dad and grandparent got me thinking about how lucky we all are to have these special men in our lives.

This past week, dear friends have lost their special father and had one undergo triple bypass surgery. It was an emotional week for them all and they are and were constantly in our prayers. These two have made an undeniable impact on their communities and our Hereford Associations over the years and are men everyone admires.  

As I thought of the gifts that have been given and we would give Scott today and my dad, it came to me that the most perfect gift of them all in my eyes would be to write a post about how much they mean to us.

As most dads aspire to be, Scott is the last to ask for a thank you or get credit for a job he's done. He's solid.  He's the man I hope my grandboys/grandgirls (if I am lucky to have any one day, will aspire to be like) and I know our daughters already do. Raising three daughters to survive in this big old world, has been his mission.  He's taught them that girls can do anything they make their minds up to be and have pushed them gently to be a servant leader in everything they do. Because of their dad, they have a solid base to build on and have always lived by his motto, "Never forget who you are".

I know it's not been always easy and we can be at our best hormonal at times, but he has taken it all in stride.  He told us throughout the years that it was meant for him to have all girls, as he would have been too hard on sons!  

Years ago, we chose to build a family, ranch and herd that centered around our girls first.  Our days, nights and weekends were focused on raising three very independent girls who understood the value of hard work, family, dedication to the task at hand and a sense of service to others.  Along the way, Scott's devotion to us has been a huge force in why our girls have gotten to where they are today.  His pocket book would constantly give to help us all in our passions.

Whether it was degrees and masters for all three of us, cattle, cheerleading, FFA involvements, or travel to Hereford shows across the state and nation, he made it happen and never ever complained. 

Here's a few photo's I found from my phone of our 'baby' Audrey with Scott. 

On top of it all he gardens and trot lines with the best of them to share with all his friends and family.  He's discovered he's pretty good at it and loves to taunt his friends in the Panhandle with his tomato crop and cat fishing skills. 

These past two years have been some of my proudest of Scott as he finally did something for himself and fulfilled a few bucket list items with becoming along with his contracting business and ranch, a realtor and auctioneer. These two new ventures took many hours, a trip to auctioneer school and many late nights of studying and stepping out from his comfort zone, but he has taken it all on with the same gusto and drive he gives everything else in his life.  Scott, like myself is shy in nature, but over the years his love of his family, his friends, and leading by example to his daughters has continued to push him in ways I could never have imagined.  I used to get on to him for being shy, but now tell friends he's turned full circle and become as outgoing as they come.

If he doesn't know it already, I am a pretty lucky woman to have met him at the DQ one Friday night, marry him and build a life with him for now on almost 30 years.  Love you, love you and thank you for everything you are to me and our girls.  

Next to Scott comes my dad and my second biggest cheerleader. He's always had a belief in me that sometimes I never had.  As his first child and only daughter, he's exasperated me with his outgoing personality at times, but as I grow older it's that spirit I try to embody. Being naturally shy (I know that is very hard to believe), my dad's larger than life personality has always been his biggest strength. From crossing the ocean to live in a new country as a 17 year old, to giving me experiences I could never have dreamed of in his own country, and forever enlightening me to political analysis of all kinds, to teaching me to be love others always and be thankful, my dad has taught me so very much in my lifetime that he is not even aware of.  He is a devoted grandparent and his zest for life is unmatched. Everyone can't help but love him and his neices and nephews can attest to his thoughtful ways and fun loving spirit. I love him dearly and knew that I could never say it better than to write about him today.


So, as we all celebrate those special dads in our lives today for this Father's Day Sunday, I wanted to pay tribute to two men that have made an extremely special impact in my life.  We would not, could not be who and what we are without them.  Life has been an adventure with you both and as I look toward the years ahead and our day today, I realize innately how very blessed we all are. We all love you both, you've given your all for all of us and you deserve only the best.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads our there and especially to Scott and my dad Al. 

Alise - The Ranch Kitchen 

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