Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Ranch Kitchen's Egg Roll Bowl

Tonight I wanted to cook something a little different, yet use what I had at my house.  I tend to have a little problem with the grocery store and usually impulse buy a little too much of certain things.  But thankfully it's good to overstock the pantry and fridge when you live in the country.

My motto should be to 'don't go shopping hungry'. Yesterday I bought two bags of 50% off Valentines candy that I certainly did not need. However, I did already have the cabbage, soy sauce and brown sugar because I always buy those in excess.  And as for the was put to good use. 

The Eggroll Bowl I prepared tonight was an easy dish that called for most of the ingredients I use in my Granny's Wilted Cabbage recipe.  Adding soy sauce and brown sugar along with the sliced ham steak was a great addition and made this a meal in itself. 

Thanks goodness for the pork we raise on our ranch from my daughter's FFA project.  It was put to good use in this fantastic recipe. 

We served this pork dish over white rice, but I also think it would be excellent over pasta.  This recipe will be easy to reheat and a treat for my lunch tomorrow.

So if you need a relatively low calorie dish that is full of flavor and just a little different from the meals you normally serve each night, this is your recipe.


Alise - The Ranch Kitchen

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