Sunday, September 21, 2014

Audrey's Awesome Waffles

We have a gadget problem in my house....or I should say I do.  I get it from my Granny who had every gadget on earth.  One I love that we inherited from her was her crepe maker.  In all my years watching her cook, I remember her using it once. She had a fascination with gadgets big and small and especially garden tools and tillers.  We all (my extended uncles and Scott) had to take them off her hands saying we'd use them so she wouldn't hurt herself!  I still haven't used the crepe maker yet, but still considering it for someday soon!
Yesterday as we shopped in Kohl's my youngest daughter realized that we didn't have a waffle maker.  We fixed that and bought a really economical one from Black and Decker for $20.00.  With my 20 % off coupon that I guess they gave us just for coming in, we got a really good deal. 
I strayed away from the flip handle waffle iron remembering the hotel fire alarm going off once from an over zealous group of FFA kids on a trip to Houston. Imagine batter everywhere and people leaving their rooms in pj's with the burnt spell of waffles. Not something I wanted to recreate in my own house. Maybe that's why I've never bought a waffle iron?!
We fixed that issue yesterday, Audrey googled on her own a few recipes and created what we think are Audrey's Awesome Waffles!  They made about 5 servings which will be perfect frozen up or refrigerated for her breakfast later this next week.
These waffles would be great with chocolate chips or blueberry's added with whipped cream or chocolate sauce.  We ate our waffles with Blackburn's Butter Pecan Pancake and Waffle Syrup.
Enjoy and go buy yourself a waffle iron if you don't have one!  They are easy and fun!  
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