Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mandarin Orange Cake

Potlucks at my school are the best!  Especially when the potluck only involves sweets to celebrate birthdays! Rosilyn Perry is our queen of planning and baking!  Each week she helps out our life skills classroom with their weekly lunch by donating desserts unselfishly.  And this week for our birthday end of the month celebration she brought this delicious, light, fluffy Mandarin Orange Cake! The icing is so light and cloud like and is a perfect addition to the cake beneath it!

It was a huge, huge hit and will now be a dessert that I serve my own family all year long, not just in the summer as 'Roz' as we call her suggest!  It's one of the best cakes I have eaten in a long, long time!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we all did!  Thanks Rosilyn for sending me the recipe!  I snapped the pic with my phone!

Mandarin Orange Cake 
1 Yellow cake mix (mix as directed)
1 can Mandarin oranges (drained)
1 tea. orange favoring (optional)
Mix cake as directed and fold in oranges and flavoring.
Bake 350 about 35 min. test after 25 min..  This cake seems to take a little longer to bake.
1 reg size cool whip
1 box instant vanilla pudding
1/2 can large can crushed pineapple with juice.
Mix pudding and pineapple with juice.  Mix well and let set a few minutes.  Fold in cool whip.  Make sure the cake is very cool.
I find that this cake needs to stay refrigerated until time to serve.  Great Summer time dessert.

Rosilyn Perry

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