Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ann's Jezebel Sauce

Today I am going to give a 'shout out' to my good friend Ann G.  She is a great cook and email companion.  She is a mom, teacher, and grandmother who finds time to cook and gave me this recipe for one of my favorite sauces/spreads to put over cream cheese.  It's just a little fattening....but sometimes you have to throw all sense of sensibility to the winds and just enjoy life!  I think I could sit down and eat an entire block of this - it's that good. 

In the fall as the weather turn colder here in Texas, this is always a hit!  I personally like crackers with this, but melba toast would be great as well.

Serve it on a pretty fall plate or crystal dish.  Place crackers around it or in a basket as they will get soggy if the crackers lay on the Jazebel Sauce. 

Enjoy and get cooking! 

Ann's Jezebel Sauce

2 16 oz jars pineapple jelly
1 16 oz jar apple jelly
1 4 oz jar creamy horseradish
1 tablespoon of dry mustard - (spice)

Mix together and keeps a LONG time in refrigerator - but always use good judgement :o) .  Serve over cream cheese with crackers.  Can use 2 of apple and 1 of pineapple if like. 

Great as a hostess gift or teacher gift at the holidays!

From Ann G. 

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